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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The First Post

Hello and welcome to the first post of my new little blog. Here is a bit of background to how it has come about, just in case you have just visited by chance.

On Thursday July 6th 2006 myself and Robyn started a blog. The intention was for it to become a way for friends and family to keep up to date with what we were getting up to during our adventures in Hong Kong. After a while though, it also became a bit of an online diary (and habit!) that ended up with over 210 seperate entries over a 9 months. To visit the blog in question click on the picture link on the right hand side. >>>>>

Anyway, nine months since we began, things are starting to change. Robyn is going home and so it seems only right that "Robyn and Ben in Hong Kong" therefore comes to an end. Meanwhile I have made the decision to stay in Hong Kong for at least another year and a half, so here is the brand new blog to go with my experiences.

The official start date of this blog is going to be the 1st of June 2007. This is when things are going to wrap up in Hong Kong and Robyn and me go our seperate ways.

Also, and this is important, there is a darn good chance that my boss is going request to have a link from our company website to the personal blog of Robyn and myself upon its completion. I have no problem with this and neither does Robyn, as upon review there is nothing particularly offensive on the old blog. I also recognize that I would have appreciated reading something like that if I was going to become a new employee of the company.

But... I am not particularly keen on my boss discovering this new little blog, so there is going to be no long term link from the old robynandben blog to this new one. This means that you need to save the link to this site, as the connection to it will be removed before my boss realizes that I have a new one! (I hope)

B x