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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Last Days

My last days in Hong Kong have been quite relaxed. I had a leaving dinner at the Spring Deer Restaurant but most of my friends were still down with Swine Flu. I phoned them up the previous day and they were all saying that they were feeling fine but would stop mid conversation and start coughing. I sent a message to them all saying that unless they were feeling 100% then they should not come as I did not want to get sick whilst I was staying in a hostel during my travels.

There have been a few "last" things I wanted to do before leaving. I went to the Avenue of Stars, to the Bridge, I had sushi and I took some photos of Johnston Road. Mainly I have just been enjoying having a flat that I could call my own for a couple of weeks before living in hostels and guesthouses for 6 months. Today my post Swine Flu infected friends stopped coughing and went to Shek O Beach where the water was unusually clear. Nikki has a new underwater camera which we were playing with for a while. For dinner we all went to a really nice Thai restaurant and then took the bus through the mountains back to the north side of the island.

Now I am watching an old film called cocoon with Adrian, Kristy, Hannah and Nik. Tomorrow I fly to Malaysia. I have packed my bags and am ready to go. I don't fully realise i'm leaving yet though.


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Robyn said...

Ahh glad the blog is back! I have Hong Kong envy - I haven't missed it for ages (years??!) but reading that I really want to go back!!! R x