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Friday, May 15, 2009

The great debate

When I offered to be a judge for a secondary school debate I expected it to be a small deal. Let me now illustrate how wrong I was

  • I thought it would take place in a classroom > It took place in the massive school hall

  • I thought there would be only 40 students present > There was a 140 strong audience

  • I was dressed in jeans and trainers > My fellow judge was a government representative

  • I thought it would be easy > I needed a degree just to know how to fill out the score card

  • I thought I would leave at the end > I had to give a speech

To say I was caught off guard is the understatement of the week. I did knock out a pretty good speech at the end though. I spoke about how debating is not just something for the classroom but something that will benefit students in their future. I mentioned that I find myself debating everyday with my boss and that if you can be persuasive and structured in an argument then it will be a valuable life skill.

After I made my speech I proceeded to feel like wise old man and ran to the bathroom to check for grey hairs.

Then. As if my day could not get any weirder. I returned back to Wan Chai and found a woman in a wedding dress handing out packs of tissues. It was not a promotional event for tissues or anything else that I could see. She was just handing them out.



bensdadsoot said...

did you get some tissues, your grandmother loves those small packs ?

Anonymous said...

maybe tissues= for the joyful tears?

robynandben said...

I would use that picture to literally sum up Hong Kong for people whp haven't should use it on all future promotional material!