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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The 25 Panic

Laura returned from her exciting four months traveling in Asia safe and sound. It was nice to see her again and it now feels like she has never left.

I don't think I fully appreciate how much Nikki and Laura gave up during their journey. Nikki can count on one hand how many places she stayed in that offered hot water showers. And it seems like they got into some pretty difficult situations at times too.

Still I did not fully appreciate their plight till after Laura returned home and opened up her wash bag at the kitchen table where I was sitting. Whilst she was getting ready to go to the Bridge bar for a drink, a very exotic looking cockroach crawled out of her washbag and towards my arm.

I'm not going to lie, I did jump up and scream a little.

But the cockroach was not the only thing that Laura and Nikki have returned home with. They seem to have also returned with The 25 Panic.

The 25 Panic is not hard to explain. It is a medial condition that I have witnessed taking place in Hong Kong every year and it goes in the following stages.

  1. People realize they are turning 25
  2. They then then realize that their life is not on track for the career/children/marriage/house/white picket fence they imagined they should have by now
  3. They panic and do something drastic

I can provide numerous case studies that are examples of people I know hitting the 25 Panic but to do so would be unfair. So rest assured that I can think of at least 6 people I know who have caught the disease and quite often run away back to London looking for the cure.

Laura put it best when she realized that her list of "things I want to do before I'm 30" will take her to the age of 60 to complete, and how can you factor in living in Europe, learning a language, skydiving and visiting numerous countries with the additional issues of finding a career?

So this was the subject of conversation round the dinner table last night, and this is how those people deal with the situation.

Laura: Talks about the 25 Panic

Nikki: Avoids thinking about the 25 Panic

George: Does not need to think about the 25 Panic as he is 21 or 22 (i forget)

Ben (me): Has got a list of options regarding his 25 Panic but can't actually decide which one to take. Causing panic.

So on May the 8th 2009 prepare for my 25 Panic. I might shut down the blog, move to Indonesia, take up pig hunting and change my name. Let us hope that a 25 Panic pill can be found before then.



mum said...

Take up pig hunting? You have trouble catching a cold let alone a pig.....
and your dad says do you have a cure for the 60 something panic that is looming...x

Laura said...

I am currently in Pacific Coffee making a new 'things to do before I'm 30' list aka my five year plan!!!

robynandben said...

Lol this is hilarious - and so true! But I've got a whole year til I'm 25...and that's ages...right? RIGHT?!???

George said...

That's right Robyn!!!!and btw I've got only 2 years til I am 25 Ben aka in january I'll be 23!!

Rosie said...

This is so true! xxx

mum said...

you lot wait till you get grey hairs showing...

Anonymous said...

where are the grey hairs going to show?

hannah said...

What about turning 27 panic? 25 panic is so two years ago daarling!!! I'm a survivor of said medical condition. I would be willing to counsel sufferers on request, fees vary according to severity x

Ben said...

Hannah, but i can't pay fees because I have no money because I have no savings because I have no areer because I'm having a 25 panic!

robynandben said...

Hannah's 25 panic made her go to Hong Kong though so you're one step ahead of the game!!

Ben said...

Hannah is past the 25 panic and in the 27 slump!!!

hannah said...

Oi! I'm in my prime benjy!! xo