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Monday, November 3, 2008

Hot and Cold

I have Tonsillitis again!

I went to the doctors today and am now on antibiotics. This caused me to go to the shop, stock up on Ribena, water, bread and ice-cream then retreat to my flat. Nikki has gone to the beach, which is quite a good idea seeing as the whole place is now a contamination site.

Other exciting news is that my air-conditioner has recently been fixed after being broken for 3 weeks. I was not really bothered too much when it was broken because I like to sleep in the warmth, but Nikki likes the cold. To compensate for this we have placed the remote control for the aircon between us on a chair (Nikki is sleeping on a matress on the floor). We now have continuous battles when we wake up in the night and turn it on or off though. I think I will blame the tonsillitis on her and the aircon :)

Anyway, time for me to go back to sleep!



mum said...

you shouldn't joke about blaming it on the airconditioning because that was probably what set off your throat problems if you have been doing without it..... Do you not remember in Doha all the visitors used to get throat problems after a while 'cos they were not used to it. x

Ben said...

Yea, to be honest I think it was part of the problem, especially as it had not been used for 3 weeks because it was broken and leaking. I did however open all windows and left it on for 2 hours once it was fixed then left the flat so it could get rid of all the nasties.

Dee said...

hi Ben
I am so sorry that you got throat problems~ I got similar illness quite often especially when I am younger, as a result I could treat myself with different medicines when I was small. hahaha~ Hong Kong is getting cooler so maybe you won't be bothered by the choice of whether to use the aircon soon.
A little tip~, no ice-cream when having throat problems and you will get well faster~~~~

Anonymous said...

you finallly admitted that your a/c is broken.

moonpig said...

Ben... I'm beginning to worry that your sore throat has killed you?! What's with the lack of posts?? Ok so if you are dead lying on your floor underneath your airconditioner blasting cold air onto your dead lifeless body I'm going to feel pretty bad.... BEN? ben? BEN?

Bensdadsoot said...

Funny you should say that Moonpig. We ,the parents are beginning to wonder if we will be looking after ourselves on our next visit to Hongkong as there appears to be no sign of life from oldest son ! Wonder if he left a will?