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Thursday, June 11, 2009


Don has left Hong Kong, and he sure made a big deal of it! He had a total of four leaving events. The first event was his last gig with his band. I left the bar once they finished and my final comment to the lead singer was "Well done, you really sang in tune this time". It was not meant to be rude, and I had consumed a reasonable amount of beer, but I should watch my phrasing in the future.

Event three was dinner at the Spring Deer Restaurant. Words can't describe how amazing this restaurant is. I sometimes try to book a table two weeks ahead and find them full. It is probably in my top three Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong and I'm going to take my brother there when he comes to visit!

In other news I went kayaking on the weekend and was attacked by a bird in my flat. I was on my bed and watching TV when I noticed movement in the corner of my room. I did not have my glasses on and was worried it was a giant insect or something, so I stayed focused on the blurry shape whilst trying to find my glasses with my hands. Just as I put them on the bird dive bombed me and hit the window near my bed. I grabbed a pillow case and wrapped it round the bird then threw the animal out of my window. The bird dropped ten stories to the road and was run over by a bus.

Only joking, it flew away and was fine. In retrospect I should not have thrown a stunned sparrow from my window though.

The kayaking was uneventful.


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bensdadsoot said...

Just back from pedaling the south downs way. Amazing that the pic I took of your flat and the one y ou took are so similar. Your new camera seems to have some good effects x