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Monday, June 1, 2009


On the weekend I went on a hike that I was told would be 'easy' but turned out to be quite difficult.
The hike itself is directly up a steep mountain and the path turns from dirt track to rubble to just mud on occasions. This is quite different to usual Hong Kong hiking where the government places concrete pavement along the whole route. It was fairly dangerous at parts too, with 70ft drops next to some very small paths.
So far I have not really made this hike seem that fun but it was all worth it for 3 reasons. Those 3 reasons were the 3 waterfalls that are spaced apart at different heights of the mountain. There was also a pretty cool temple along the way too.

The water was apparently fresh but I decided not to drink any because knowing my luck there would have been a dead panda floating upstream. I did swim in the water though and it was really nice after the sweaty hike.

When we returned back down the mountain we had a BBQ at Adrians place.

Adrian lives right next to the start of the hike and has an amazing three level village house. It is technically his family house but they all live in England.
Anyway, next weekend it is Donalds leaving party which should be amusing as he is playing in his band.

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