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Sunday, July 26, 2009

H1N1 Fun

I currently have more friends with Swine Flu than without. It spread through the group last weekend and it's a small miracle I don't have it. I went to the beach on Wednesday with Adrian when he was infected and the previous Saturday night I was around five people with the virus and still never caught it!

This meant that everyone was in self imposed quarantine for seven days so Nikki and I decided to calm down the drinking this weekend mostly because we had less people to go out with!

We still went out though. Some people we know just started a new band and here is a picture of them.

They were really good and I would probably say better than any band I have seen in Hong Kong so far. One of their songs was in Korean which was pretty impressive and catchy. I asked afterwards what the song was about and was told that they were basically singing "Don't eat dog", over and over again. Less impressed once I knew that.

For the two pictures in larger size click here and here

We went to Lamma Island and Shek O beach for the weekend. We have been quite lucky with the weather this past week so i'm trying to get brown so I don't look like an albino when I start backpacking.



robynandben said...

Proof, if proof were needed, that alcohol kills all known germs. Fact.

Bensdadsoot said...

Remember what Greg told you when much smaller. Dont eat yellow snow and never sleep in a Waddi.