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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mango Mania

I am currently sitting in Cafe O drinking a Mango Mania because we are without internet in the Nikki Fowler residence. We are without internet because Richard has just moved out of the flat and taken the internet box with him. I don't think I would have helped him move if I had known I was assisting in causing myself such inconvenience.

Nikki also has recently had two other guests leave and Richard usually always has his girlfriend over. This means we have gone from a small three bedroom flat with 6 people to a three bedroom flat with two people... which is a welcome change! I now have Richards old room as a 'packing room', where I'm basically storing all my crap for travelling.

I have booked my flights and hostels in Malaysia now for the next two weeks. I was putting this off partly because booking them means accepting I am leaving Hong Kong. I know I will be back but it's still my excuse for delaying things till now. I also find myself busy getting other things ready too. I need China Visas, Russian Visas and a Typhoid jab (parents, please advise about the typhoid, was I jabbed with this as a child??) I also need to go to peoples leaving parties as many people are departing Hong Kong as well as organize my own party. Anyway, i'm jabbering and my battery is running out on the laptop. I leave you with some photos.

Jack, me and Jen (who I am travelling with for 6 months) at the Spring Deer Restaraunt.

Food at the amazing Spring Deer.

Jack realizing his true size.

Jack, Adrian and Jen on the skyline.


robynandben said...

a) Are you travelling with another Greaves?

b} Are you going to the Perhenian islands cos they are damn sure the best thing about Malaysia...?

robynandben said...

Perhentian, even

Ben said...


Yes I am going with another dweller in a thicket.

And yes I am going to the Procrastination islands right after the cameron highlands, im then hitting the west coast of malaysia and heading up into Thailand. Where else did you go??


robynandben said...

We basically did that - flew to KL, went diagonally across the Cameron highlands (are you doing hiking etc? There's the cool tree top walkways too), then up to Perhentian islands and jungle train back to KL, jealous-la! R xx

Ben said...

yea, we are doing that but after the paracetamol islands we are heading to the west coast then up through thailand. (though we will likely get a train for that part because a grenade was thrown at a bus not long ago in that area by angry locals)