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Sunday, July 19, 2009


It's been a typhoon level 9 warning last night but this did not deter us from going out and getting quite drunk to celebrate a friends birthday. The wind is never that much of an issue in the city because we are surrounded by buildings but the rain still soaks you to the bone. I got home about 5am and was woken up by Nikki and two other friends at 7am eating kebabs and chatting on my bed! I admit that I am currently staying on the sofa but that is besides the point.

It is now a typhoon level 3 and I am bored in the flat. It's too wet, hot and horrible to bother stepping outside the building so we are not trying. This means that I am bored so thought I would share a view of the flat and a view outside Nikki's window.


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George said...

Ohhh..good old days!!!Drinks, sofa, Nikki with boys (hehe) and abeneezers!!!love and miss HK!!