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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Miss Gweebs has left the building

Adam has officially stolen Robyn away. She has not only left the building, she has left Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island and the entire bloody country! She is now in Macau waiting for a plane to whisk her away to Malaysia :(

This has been the final weekend for lots of people in Hong Kong, so we have all been trying to organize tons of leaving events. I'm not sure if it was planned intentionally, but practically everyone went to a bar called 'The Keg', as a final leaving celebration. It was nice because that was the first bar we all went to as a group when we arrived in Hong Kong. We also went for dinner at the 'Good Luck House' and had drinks at the Russian Ice Vodka Bar. Which again oddly enough are all things we did on our first weekend out as a group.

Wanting to try and keep the final weekend going as long as possible, we went to a karaoke bar last night. It was my first proper karaoke experience and I had a fantastic time. We were all in a private room and belting out the most out of tune songs I expect the bar staff have ever heard. It was really funny and I can see it becoming a more regular occurance next year.

I left at around 2 am as I had work on Monday. Robyn however decided to stay out till she had to leave Hong Kong (5 am this morning!!) She woke me up before she left and lets just say that with our goodbyes Adam must have thought we were both a little bit mad.

Now I am faced with a little bit of a dilemma. My boss is starting to talk about helping organise where I will live next year and the truth is I can't decided! Our office is moving into Kowloon off the island in a few months, so I need to commute 30 minutes every day if I want to stay in Wan Chai. Now I love Wan Chai, but the thought of a daily hour commute does not fill me with joy. If I was to move off the island I would live in Mong Kok, which to me is an area that has the most character. It is a hard decision though because I have grown quite accustomed to the 24 hour lifestyle the living on the island provides. It's a tough decision!

Right, my lunch break is nearly over so I need to stop typing now. I leave you with a picture that I took of Robyn and Nikki (our neighbour) leaving the flat in the lift. Quite how I persuaded our security guard to let me through i don't quite remember, vodka did help though!



bensmum said...

Ben, you need to move as near to where the new office is going to be but also where you havent got too far to get to the nightlife..... I wish you had told us all this before we booked and paid for our hotel in the new year!!!!!Keepworking at those final people you need.... Bet its quiet without Rob and Co. xxx Passport info asap please?

samb said...

oh Ben, you're going to feel very lost for a few weeks. Make sure all the pals you've made come to visit you - they have no excuse, they can use Hong Kong as their stop over point for all the places they'll be travelling to.

papa gweebs said...

I hope she cleared up her share of the mess in the flat before she left! It's been brilliant following your adventures so far and your already moving up our favourites chart (above and - estonian cultural site ready for our football bbq on wednesday) take care Ben love Dave oo no funny letters to type in!