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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Small World

So in usual Ben style I slept for 10 hours of the 12+ hour flight to get from Hong Kong to Heathrow. I am now at an internet terminal trying to pass the time between now and my next flight to Chicago.

Things that have happened so far to me on my journey:

1) I was moved from my cramped seat between two strangers to an emergency exit seat because the stewardess took pity on me.

2) Quite randomly I found myself waiting to board my plane in Honkers along with 2 people who went to my boarding school with me. They were on their way back from Australia. There was some initial problems because they knew my name but i did not know theirs. In a moment of genius though I started talking about passport photographs. Finally they showed me their passport pic and I could covertly establish who the hell these people were.

3) Once I arrived in Heathrow I got a train to terminal 4. Sat with me was no less than Robson Green from 'Robson and Jerome' fame. Not quite as good as the time I sat next to 'dirty Den', from Eastenders but i was chuffed!

Anyway, gotta go get my ticket now!!!!! Chicago here I come!!!



bensmum said...

have fun......

samb said...

Are you on holiday Ben, or still working?

Have a great time over there. We're all busy emptying Robyn's room for her return. We've been renovating the house and have put allsorts of things in there! We have managed to clear a path to the bed but she's had it if she wants to close the door!