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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Decisions made

I have made my decision as to where I should live next year. Should it have been.

a) Near work but in Kowloon (the mainland)

b) Half hour commute from work and on Hong Kong Island

After consultation with the parents they very typically said that I should be where I will have the most fun. Taking that into consideration I have decided that option 'b' is the right decision to make. Plus I quite like the idea of having a stretch of sea between myself and work.

Now all I need to do is work out where to live. At the moment i am arriving in Honkers on Sunday evening with no home at all, just the sofa of a kind hearted friend.

Either way it will soon be time to look down and say goodbye to green fields and hello to tropical jungle. Lovely.



Bendadsoot said...

Hope you had a good trip back, good blog update, see you for shelf building luv DOD x x

samb said...

Crikey, you've been away, been home and will be back in Hong Kong all before Robyn gets home! You certainly pack it in Ben!

Ben said said...

haha! I know! I feel like I have been away from Hong Kong for ages!