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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Unwanted Visitor

There I was having a shower.

Something moving suddenly caught my eye; it did not take long to realize that crawling up the other side of the frosted glass of my shower was a gigantic cockroach. Paralyzed with fear I watched as it seemed to climb higher and higher to the point where no longer a barrier existed between me and the creep crawly.

Abruptly the critter stopped. Sensing my opportunity I slowly opened the other shower door and leaning very carefully just reached the bug spray which was sitting on top of the toilet. Still only able to see its vague outline I poked the nozzle over the top of the shower door and napalmed my bathroom intruder.

Using my towel as a mask I waded out of the bathroom to inspect my giant kill with the mind to perhaps send it to a taxidermist and have it mounted on my wall…

…But it was in fact only the size of a 5 penny piece, the frosted shower room glass seems to have magnifying properties.


bensmum said...

what a wimp!!!!!x

Papa Gweebs said...

I thought cockroaches could withstand nuclear explosions! I don't think a bug gun is even going to make him dizzy.

Bensdadsoot said...

u wait till he gets his Mum and Dad!