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Monday, October 27, 2008

Bindoa Nikki?

Nikki Fowler is lost.
And without money.

And she is a tiny bit of a disaster.

I would not make such allegations without some proof to back me up, so I will direct you all to this story .

Nikki was supposed to be here at noon today and it was planned that she would be sleeping on my floor. She is coming back early because she has run out of cash, leaving Laura to get drunk and adventure South East Asia all on her own.

I can't help but wonder what type of Nikki will be returning to Hong Kong. She might return a well travelled buddhist like character, having found herself whilst sitting on stunning beaches like this. Or perhaps nothing has changed, which this holiday snapshot argues quite well.

Either way, she has not yet arrived.

So I ask you to all be on the lookout for Nikki, because she could turn up anywhere.

This has probably been my longest period not updating the blog for some time. I have good reasons though. We lost an employee (on good terms) to work elsewhere in Hong Kong, and so I had to hire someone else. This is quite a bit of work and so my head has been stuck in a work related bubble all week. Good news is that someone arrived from the UK on Saturday to start work, so now I am back in the land of the living.

I leave you with some pictures taken on a weekend work activity day.


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Nikki said...

Ben I believe i told you the correct time i think you just read it wrong! So whilst u wondered wher the hell i was, i was perfecty on schedule and got back at the time i said! I also have not become a buddhist, just my old self im afraid! Im also a little cleaner now iv had a proper shower!!! Glad to cu and be back xxxx