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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Long Weekend

After National Day holiday last Wednesday I now have a Friday - Wednesday off work this week because of another festival. I was intending to go travelling during this time but left it too late to book any good and cheap deals, so instead I am going to Macau!

I went to Macau earlier last month and had a really good time. This time though I am going to see a show called 'Cirque Du Solieil' at the Venetian Casino. I don't really know much about the show but apparently it is really good.

I was supposed to be in Macau today but another Typhoon is edging its way towards Hong Kong, so our plans were scuppered and postponed till Sunday. The last big Typhoon to hit Hong Kong was Typhoon Nuri and the government has just released the facts on this big pile of wind.
  • 112 people were injured during the passage of Nuri
  • 2 fatalities
  • 122 reports of fallen or dangerous trees
  • Eight reports of collapsed scaffolding
  • Traffic in part of Nathan Road in Mongkok were disrupted for about 9 hours due to collapsed scaffolding
  • 31 cases of dangerous signboards
I don't quite know what constitutes a dangerous signboard, but I googled the phrase and came up with this.
Whilst I am firing bullet points onto this blog post I can also report that I had another Chinese lesson yesterday and will now share with you some vocab I have learnt.
  • Tai gui le = Too expensive (said with attitude)
  • Jiao zi = dumpling
  • niu rou = Beef dumpling
  • San ba san = 3 umbrellas

I learnt how to say 3 umbrellas by mistake when I got my accents mixed up, but it may just come in use on a wet China day, who knows...



Bensdadsoot said...

Sorry to read about your trip being posponed,we have had another really wet night and still pouring with rain. Maybe if they keep having scaffolding fall down they might decided that bamboo strapped together is not the best product for the 21`st century

Rosie said...

Yes, the rain is crazy...It is reminding me of Hong Kong a bit! Apart from the fact is it is also freezing and generally depressing!Bumma about Maccau!! Hope you had fun anyway x x