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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Road works

I wanted to have an early night last night so was in bed by about 10pm. At 9.45 pm road works had begun outside my building and were so loud the building was shaking.

Being patient and British I decided to wait and see if the drilling and hammering would stop. By 10.45pm there was no sign of this happening though so I got dressed and went downstairs.

I found the guy who was in charge of the operation and I shouted over the drilling that I was trying to sleep and can they please stop drilling. The foreman looked at me and shrugged, then walked away.

Not being at all amused I then went back to my flat, grabbed my camera and returned downstairs in a far more angry state than I had been before. The good thing about Hong Kong is that the police are everywhere and it took me all of two minutes to find a policeman and make my complaint about the drilling. It turns out the policeman had already been contacted about the noise and so the combination of policeman and angry western guy taking photos and videos of the workmen made them stop pretty damn quick. Tossers.



Anonymous said...

hahahhaha as if those constructive workers would understand english

George said...

Well done Benjo!

han said...

love it grumpy boy! Only in HK xo