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Sunday, July 1, 2007

In Honkers

Well I have arrived safe and sound in Hong Kong! I expected to have to work today but it turns out it is a bloody bank holiday (idiot!). The plane trip was pretty good, one brilliant moment came when a steward before take off came over on the speaker system and said "Would Mr Lee please make himself known to one of the flight crew". I kid you not about ten men then went to stand up and make themselves known. Lee being a pretty popular name if you are Chinese.

But all did not go too smoothly. I arrived in Hong Kong without my bag. Goodness knows where it is but it is not with me at present. After giving my details to the bag people (sure that is not their technical name) I went into central Hong Kong and purchased clothes then got rather drunk with Rachel, my only friend still in Hong Kong at the moment.

Today: Flat hunting!!



Bensdadsoot said...

Pleased you arrived back OK, think they are probably called misplaced baggage officers or something similar,let us know how you manage with the appartment hunting Luv DOD

bensmum said...

what do you mean, did not go smoothly..... I have so many grey hairs after this trip of yours... the first flight full because it is the beginning of the school holidays for lots of people, then the problems in Glasgow. Its a miricle you got there at all that night, and I only did get time for one drink by the way. x