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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Chilled out weekend

My main role was the first week of orientation, which has just passed. Now that is over I only have about 2 days to organize this coming week, so I am considerably less stressed thinking about Monday than the rest of the office team.

So far things have gone as smooth as you can expect, and all the newbies seem really happy. Friday night (as mentioned in the last post) was a tad bit crazy. It was a good night, but I think I take for granted quite how fun the night life is out here. Mainly because most of the new staff are still talking about Friday, and how much they loved it/better it is than anywhere they have been to back home. I wish I could take credit for the general plan of the evening, but it was all down to Nikki and Laura, who crafted the basic shell of what turned out to be a fantastic evening that will go down in history with most of the staff.

Other than that, today has seen a bunch of us chilling out at Shek O beach. About half the organization came along, so there was a big bunch of us. I got a little bit burnt round my legs but that's mainly because I fell asleep on a giant double bed sized floating thing. Afterwards we had dinner at a place Robyn pointed out to me as being good for both carnivores and veggies alike. So we went there and I ate so much seafood I think I have squid coming out of my ears.


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mum said...

never doubted they would all love the nightlife, and then to chill out at a beach... we cannot wait to get back Ben x