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Saturday, August 11, 2007


I just helped some of the girls move their stuff into their new flat. They got a second hand double bed, amongst other things from a guy giving them away online.

Once they got the stuff there, not one part of the sodding big bed would fit into the lift. There then was a standoff between the girls and the guys they hired to move the stuff in. Who refused to lift the parts up 10 floors. (they were requesting an insane amount of extra money)

It was at that point that I decided to pop round and say hello, fool that I am.

With help from the brother of my boss (who came to my rescue) we both carried...

  • one huge double matress,
  • one wooden headboard,
  • one wooden box stand for the bed
  • and one other random giant piece of wood that had something to do with the bed.

And I have realized that

  • I am really unfit
  • Pathetically weak
  • Unsuitable as a furniture remover in the future

My arms ache so much i can't seem to be able to close my fingers or grip...


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Bendadsoot said...

Best u get back to the gym then!