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Friday, August 24, 2007

What to write...

Weird moment of the day came when I found on my desk a reference request for Robyn.

Should I write that she is adept at finding her way home no matter what state she is in?
Should I write that she is fantastic at dancing on the stage at 'The Cavern', when the mood strikes?

Sadly I will not write any of these things. Robyn will write the reference, then my boss will give it a final look, then we will send it on. But still, the temptation is there :)

And the reference people have spelt my name 'Wheatman' on the form! I am not cereal!



robynandben said... should probably expect quite a few more of those over the next few weeks... Who was that 1 from? Job searching is SUCH fun! xxx

samb said...

You can always tell a good friend...they may THREATEN to reveal all your dark dirty secrets, but when it comes to the crunch they never ever will.....This is usually due to the fact that if they spill the beans on you, you can return the favour with vigour!