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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Batman Part 2

So after I walked through the Batman set by mistake on my way back from the shops earlier I decided that I should venture back with my camera. The film crew was still in the same place but this time they were working on a scene involving a man walking into the Dim Sum place. I recognized the actor but can't place his name at the moment. It is really annoying me.

Also they were stopping the crowd walking past. Asking that when they start shooting the crowd walk past but not look at the shooting taking place. I walked past twice, so who knows I may be in the film! I doubt it though, they shot the same scene so many times.

ps, someone has to know who the actor is, it is annoying me soooo much!


Jason said...

Which one's the actor in question? The guy in the black top?

All the photos are a bit blurry when blown up :(

Mum said...

we ain't mind readers Ben.... why didnt you take a piccy of him? x

Ben said...

Right, i figured that the guy who is in the center of most of the pictures in the grey/dark long sleeved top would the person people assumed I was writing about. Well it is! in the first picture it is the guy in the center looking outwards. I'm aware that I should have made that clear.

Pics are a bit blurry, but I was far away when I took them!


Jason said...

... err, doesn't really look anything like any of the major cast there.

Maybe he was a stunt double?

Ben said...

Maybe he was, the entire 3 hours that i walked past and watched seemed focussed on him walking into the dim sum place though, and on more than a few occasions he had makeup people fawning over him. Maybe he is just a nobody, how boring :(

Thanks Jason for the link though, whoever you are!