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Monday, November 12, 2007

Canadian Concern

This blog has a rather neat tool which allows me to track how people come across it. For example, if someone has a link to my blog, I can find that link. All rather big brotherish.

Alarmingly, I can also tell that 5 different computers in Canada have been used to search for my full name and the words 'Hong Kong' using the google search engine. I am often interested to know who the people are who read this little blog, but if you are from Canada, and have been searching for me, identify yourself!! (Please).

I Think it is most likely a keen future interviewee doing their reasearch...still it is a little bit scary.



bensdadsoot said...

could it have something to do with the do you went to given by the Canadian Consulate?

bensmum said...

going back to batman Jack says the pictures are cr-- but is it Christian Bail?

Ben said...

no it is not, i dont think so anyway...

Anonymous said...


Just a couple of Canadians looking at any write ups about what its like teaching in HK. My girlfriend and I are going to teach there next year.
I think she found you on another site. Looks good.

the name's Dave :)

Ben said...

Hey dave! Well that clears that up then!!!!