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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Left and Right

On the left: You can see the entrace to the hotel my parents will be staying in next month

On the right: You can see the entrance to the "Express Club"

On the left: You pay by the day

On the right: You pay by the hour

On the left: They give you complimentary soaps

On the right: I doubt any service is complimentary

On the left: They have nice people to greet you at the door

On the right: They have men waiting to beat you should you call a girl a ...

Looks set to be an interesting family visit!



Bensdadsoot said...

Is the green netting to catch people who try to do a runner or "flyer" from the upper floors of the club?

Ben said...

I don't know if I should be concerned that you seem to have a technical name for what it means to run from a brothel. Ahh, my dad the 'flyer'.

Bensdadsoot said...

I never ran, I used to stay, and get my haircut and a manicure-only in Bangkok...before your mother was around!