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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Weekend Part 2

It is no longer Easter Weekend but I thought I should provide an update.

After nearly drowning on a speedboat on Saturday afternoon I returned to my flat, slept for a few hours and then consumed a massive amount of duck at a famous Peking Duck restaurant. We ended up eating two ducks which I named Donald and Daffy.

Sunday was also food themed. We went to the Jumbo Floating Restaurant and took part in their unlimited Champagne and food buffet. Unlimited food and drink might seem like a good idea but if you have a lack of self control it can only end in disaster. After drinking from 11.30am to 4pm we then all went to Lang Kwai Fong where even more drink was consumed. I went home at 8pm and luckily drank enough water before bed to feel ok then next morning. Nikki however was sick 3 times.

Monday was spent mainly recovering and relaxing and now it is Thursday and I am in the office taking a late lunch break.

This evening I am going rollerblading with Nikki in Victoria Park and am quite excited because I have never done it before. Hope I have not forgotten how to do it!


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bensdadsoot said...

That roller blading will give your back a good test,, the charger has arrived thanks x