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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

World Domination

Hong Kong is changing.

New buildings are shooting up faster than they can grow the bamboo scaffolding to hold them together. There are massive developments on the waterfront of Hong Kong too, with parks and walkways soon to be completed.

The weather is as changeable as usual for this time of year. I have recently discovered that I can create a wind tunnel in my bedroom if I leave certain window combinations open, so I now feel like I'm sleeping outside.

People are leaving Hong Kong too, which is also a big change. I think this summer marks the largest exodus of friends that I have witnessed since arriving here, even more so than my first year when Robyn and Hannah left me to join the circus.

Everyone now seems to have a plan of some sort, Nikki and Laura are travelling Australia for a year. Nikki is going to be working and partying and Laura is going to be holidaying, partying and trying to control Nikki. Their plan after this point is about as certain as my survival in my new wind tunnel bedroom.

Other friends are going back to school or to a different job or to a different country. Most though feel it's time to leave the magical world of Hong Kong, where turtles can be both pets or dinner. I am one of those people.

What am I doing when I leave? I'm travelling first round Southeast Asia.

And then from Hong Kong to the UK by land.

Now who wants to come travelling with me?!!


Bensdadsoot said...

Its a worry, you got fined for being in a bus lane let alone navigating your way back from the orient!

hannah said...

When you actually back on home turf? xo

Jen said...

I do! I do!! hehe xx