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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Yesterday evening I went swimming in Victoria Park. I have never been swimming in Victoria Park before as it is a little further away than my local swimming pool. There was only about twelve people in the pool so there was no shoving, splashing or old ladies to avoid whilst doing laps. This made it worth the extra distance.

The pool is outside so I could float around and watch the bats zipping overhead eating insects. It was also nice to look at the skyline and feel sorry for the people in the office buildings having to work late.

After the swim I decided I deserved a McFlurry ice cream from McDonalds before watching a film at home. I went up to the counter and indicated what I wanted by pointing and requesting it in English, but this got me chicken nuggets. I tried again by repeating my request for a 'McFlurry' but this time the worker thought I said 'double cheeseburger'.

Finally after numerous attempts I pulled out my last resort idea. I put on the most over-the-top Chinese accent in the world and said 'Mcfloooooooooorieeeee'. The McDonalds worker looked at me as if I was mad and replied "Ahh, you want McFlurry, you just say so!"

I got my McFlurry but i'm now not sure if I have technically been racist in my actions to obtain it.



Anonymous said...

u so asian!

bensdadsoot said...

That was a touch of "when we had the empire", never thought you would turn out like your granfather !!

Greeko said...

hahaha!!!!that reminds me of my first days in HK when I was trying to pick the english accent of the people in HK and they were trying to pick my greek-english one!!hope u are doing good!