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Monday, September 17, 2007

Halloween Preparations

Today about 15 of us went to a rather posh bar called 'Red' in the Central district. Whilst there we discussed a very serious issue. Halloween fancy dress costumes.

We have decided that we want to do a group costume with two main ideas.

1) Sperm and an egg: One of us is a giant egg and the rest are all giant sperm. Sperm chase the egg around Hong Kong for the entire night out. (my idea)

Good point: It will look brilliant
Bad point: A few people are not keen on being sperm. They are now known as spermicide.

2) Smurfs: All dress up in blue!!

Good point: It is easy to be a blue thing!
Bad point: Having grown up in the desert, my cultural knowledge of the Smurf is limited to having never actually seen one except in a picture once at boarding school. I'm not as excited about it as everyone else...

Please give me your ideas!!!



bensmum said...

blue is good ben. We had a new years eve party in Doha where the theme was blue. Just be more individual, the ideas are endless..... Blue movie... the blue max...blues nun.. or anything if it is blue. My favourite however is still what you were wearing when the ship went down... that is fun!!!

Anonymous said...

what about a blue bottle?

bensmum said...

I forgot that one... Someone actually came as a fly...were you there anonymous?

Ben said...

I need group ideas though!!!last year we were all individual things, this year we want to go as something as a connected group theme. Hannah has suggested the sound of music as a theme with nuns and sheep etc.


mum said...

how about angels and devils?
Or fish and chips? now that sounds stupid but would be very funny.
we`ll keep thinking x

samb said...

How about Snow white and the 7 dwarves? You could do gender reversal and have a male snow white and wicked witch, and female dwarves. You being so tall would be great, you can be snow white so everyone else would really be shorter than you.

ben said...

I like the sound of that! Hannah suggested the sound of music, but I have never seen it :S

bensmum said...

The Sound of music sounds great. Who`s going as the hill andthe lonely goat herd?

Mary and Bernard said...

omg ben can't believe you have never seen the sound of music.... it is like the best film eva...I think you'd make an exceptional nun!

Ben said...

Mary and Bernard!!! THat's Sophie Sage!!!!