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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Very "Hong Kong"

I have been thinking about how to describe this for some time. You can walk down the street and see how someone is dressed, or see how a car has been decorated etc and say to your friends "That is so bloody Hong Kong". Problem is I have never discovered a perfect example to sum up exactly what we mean by "Hong Kong". Well ladies and gents, I have now discovered it in the picture below.

Over the top, outrageous, and over detailed. like Lilly Savage has vomited all over it and then sprinkled diamonds on top. This is what we mean when we say something is by look and design 'Hong Kong'.
(This was taken through a shop window, it is not my flat!)


bensmum said...

Never mind Hong Kong... It's Doha!!!

samb said...

I think this is your flat and you're just waiting for us to say 'how lovely' before coming clean!