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Monday, September 3, 2007


Quite a large part of the emphasis of orientation is that you need to be willing to be a little bit crazy, fun and stupid with the students. So that means that there was a great deal of crazy from myself during the first few days.

For example, in the above picture myself and Rachel are trying to mime in a comedy style a rather famous book called the Karma-Sutra. (Disclaimer: There were no students in the room at time of bad Karma Sutra miming)

We also gave our new staff halls full of students to entertain (200+). The newbies were pretty nervous about this but eventually they got into the 'swing' of things and were teaching them how to Salsa Dance (using English as well of course)

In fact, they all did really very well and were quite calm. I however lost my mind, as the picture below demonstrates.

On closer inspection this picture really disturbs me, i look like a zombie.

And here is a picture taken at the exact moment I was asked this question by the leader of this pack of students.

"Which would you rather eat, a live Tiger or a live Horse"?

Talk about creative use of language!



Bensdadsoot said...

Mind your back with the miming, your not as young as you were! Between the horse and the tiger go for the horse it's not bad medium rare.

robynandben said...

I love the the terrified girl whose just under your right arm in the zombie picture! If kids won't speak English by choice we'll scare them into it God dammit!!!

ben said...

of course!