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Thursday, September 6, 2007


The man who lives across the hall from me is thankfully not as bad as the 'Shouting Couple' of last year.

He is however a smoker. Not only is he a smoker, he also owns a parrot. Smoking and owning a parrot is not a problem or crime, except I can sometimes smell the smoke, and hear the parrot.

My solution to the problem was pretty simple. My neighbour and the parrot had to die.

Only joking

My solution to the problem was to purchase incense sticks from Lamma Island, and block the gap under my door with a towel. Things were all going fine till I tried cleaning the shelf where my cremated incense stick dust had accumilated. Somewhere in the cleaning process I flicked incense dust up off the shelf, and into my eye.

It hurt, I mean, really hurt. I washed my eye then consulted the packaging from the sticks. Surprisingly enough there was no instruction to help my predicament. I also tried this, but even Google, with all its wisdom, failed to come to my aid.

Despite this trauma, my incense system for solving the smoke problem is still in operation. Now I just need some ideas about how to kill a parrot???


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Bensdadsoot said...

Your grandmothers small parrot is now around 19 years old,so you've a while to go if you wait for natural causes. It might get lung disease from inhaled smoke, you of course might catch something from inhaled incense,or go blind from ash in the eye syndrome.Say goodnight Ben.x.x