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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Random Holidays

This week is random Chinese holiday week! (Not the technical name) which means...

Wednesday I get a day off to celebrate the Moon Festival (Mid-Autumn Festival). Chinese folk believe that on this day the moon is at it's fullest. They base their festival celebrations around the lunar calendar, so the Moon being its fullest is a pretty important time where families get together and exchange Mooncakes (which are the most revolting things in the world).

So after Wedensday the weekend appears and I get the following Monday October 1st off to celebrate China National Day. We have rented a boat for 55 people to go out onto the water that evening and watch the fireworks celebrations over the city, and the Chinese know how to put on a fireworks display!

Oh, and this Saturday the company has rented two junk boats and we are going island hopping with 70 of us and two speedboats for watersports. So excited la!


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bensmum said...

sounds fab!!! have a brill time.x