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Thursday, June 5, 2008

After the event

Work has been pretty frantic since everyone left the organization because we are now in full gear trying to prepare for the next lot of people arriving this August. That still does not mean that some people have finished leaving though. Today I said goodbye to Rachel (the one who cried at the leaving ceremony) and on Monday I will be saying goodbye to George, (who was not at the leaving ceremony). They have each decided to travel back to a strange and mystical land called Europe.

Rachel had a leaving party last night and we went to the best Chinese restaurant ever (n my opinion). It is pretty famous in Hong Kong for its food and has been on my 'to do list', for some time. It is called the "Spring Deer Restaurant" and you can read about it here. About 22 people went to the dinner itself and the food was incredible.

And above you can see a picture of Rachel in a goodbye headlock at the Spring Deer.

Earlier this evening a group of us descended upon the residence of Rachel to help her move out and clean the flat. We had to hurry because the property agents were soon to arrive to give Rachel back the deposit for the flat (around 560 quid).

We cleaned and packed in time for the property agents arrival and the deposit was subsequently provided to Rachel without issue. Then came this weird moment where four of us were left in the flat sitting on the sofa whilst Rachel left to quickly cash her deposit before the banks shut. During this time the property agents stayed and stood opposite us and no one really talked. Then I shifted my weight and there was a really loud crack. I had just broken the sofa.

This did three things all at once. 1) it made me thankful I did not break the sofa before Rachel received the deposit, 2) It made the silence in the room even more profound, 3) It has assisted in prompting me to remain on my diet.



mum said...

cannot wait to try this new restaurant when we are out next!!

George Worldwide said...

The sofa thing...hilarious! Is it the second one you break?hehe!

Ben said...

yes greeko, I was not going to mention there was another one I broke, though you broke it a second time!!!