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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Typhoon update

From around 7am when I woke up till 11.45am the Typhoon level 8 (T8) warning was in place. This means you stay indoors and don't leave the building unless you have to. During this time I looked out of my window and there was no one on the streets. Wan Chai was a ghost town.

At 11.45 though the warning dropped to a T3. This means it is safe to go out.

5 minutes after the T3 announcement Wan Chai went from ghost town to rush hour city. It was like somone flicked a switch and made everyone eager to get to work, even though many employers don't expect people to arrive instantly. This is such a typical Hong Kong moment, in England people would be dragging their feet to get to the office after a morning off.

The typhoon itself was just a load of wind and rain, a few trees fell down and a couple of signs dropped onto the street but that's about it. Not as exciting as I was expecting.

In other news I am going to the Gold Coast (area in Hong Kong) to stay at a rather swish hotel overnight tomorrow. This is with everyone else who works in the office as it is time for the annual staff development day. Quite what is in store for us I am not sure, but the hotel has a swimming pool so i'm happy.



Anonymous said...

In England people would not listen to the radio and right the day off, don't wish for a really bad typhoon, your block of flats is pretty old now!

Bensdadsoot said...

It was from DOD not a non e mouse.

mum said...

forget the typhoon.... have you had the vodka watermelon yet! x