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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wan Chai River

At around nine AM I got a phone call this morning from my friend Nikki. She told me to look out of my window and see if there was flooding on my road. I looked out of my window, saw lots of rain, did not see any flooding. Then went back to my sleep.

Then half an hour later I woke up properly and realized that when I looked out of the window the first time I never had my glasses on. So I found them and then realized what Nikki was talking about.

Which then made me want to go and get a closer look.

In case you have not yet guessed, Wan Chai flooded and basically became a river today. It was the result of 48 hours of continuous rain and it caused things to come to a total standstill.

I took this video of the inside entrance of casa Nikki, Laura and Rosie.

Click here for video

And when I was on Lockhart road a brilliant moment occurred. There I was taking another video and a prostitute approached me in 1 ft of water! Check out the video below and turn the sound up :)

Click here for video

To clarify in case you can't hear the video, she asked me if she could go home with me, and I provided a very polite and british response!

The floods may have closed shops, but it can't shut down the oldest occupation in town.


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Bensdadsoot said...

Bridge over troubled water is a good name for our favourite bar!