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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


On Friday afternoon the entire office took a trip to the beach! Not all that great though because we were still working, just visiting the summer camp that we are going to be spending some time in with the new employees when they arrive. What is nice is the location of the camp, it's built into a mountain overlooking a beach.

Saturday night I went to a friends leaving party. The theme of the party was 'Hippy' and I think it is safe to say that I followed my mothers age old rule of never doing such events in a halfhearted style.

I need to get hold of better pictures but it's safe to say that I got very drunk, had lots of fun, danced on a bar, caught someone who fell off a bar and fell asleep the wrong way round on my bed fully clothed.

That's all for now, i do have a weird 'Twilight Zone' style story to tell but I'm still trying to solve the mystery myself before I write about it. Consider it a story to look forward to :)



robynandben said...

That's a scary looking hippy! I don't think you've quite mastered the look...although I like the head band.

mum said...

looking forward to hearing the twlight zone thingy...... der der der der... der der der der... Ben will understand I hope x
I loved the outfit... worn like a true weetman|>>

Ben said...

Robyn: Yes But I was a hippy on a budget and when i was out people did instantly know what i was trying to be, so that's what counts :)

Mum: you are strange but I do understand der der der der der derder der. "Look there are the red arrows"! "Err No mum, that's a seagull". xx