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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Twilight Zone Moment

I pick up the phone in my office and dial a future employee in America

The phone rings three times and is picked up by a man with an American accent.

"Hello"? He answers

I introduce myself and request to speak to the future employee if they are available

"Sure hold on, I will go find her", comes the reply.

The phone is put down and I hear the man shouting that there is someone on the phone

I wait 2 minutes.

I hear a TV in the background and a woman shout after a few minutes that there is someone on the phone. There is also a dog barking.

I wait 4 minutes.

No one comes onto the phone.

I hear the man who answered the phone talking with the woman by the TV. I hear more dogs barking.

8 minutes later I hang up the phone.


Then that afternoon I call England.

And a similar sounding man answers the phone.

"Hello" He answers.

I request to speak to the future employee

Then I hear the dog, then I hear the TV, then I hear the woman shout occasionally that there is someone on the phone. Then I hear the woman and man start to have a chat. Without anyone coming to the phone.

6 minutes later I hang up.


This has now happened six different times when calling six different numbers in the past two weeks. It is not affected by time zones, as I am calling America, England, Canada and even Japan. My phone call is somehow being switched to this timeless place where the dog is always barking and the TV is always on and people pretend to get someone to come to the phone and speak to me who do not live there.

I have made a few phone calls today and have not been put through to this magical land. But next time it happens I am going to demand to speak to the man who answers the phone and get some answers.



mum said...

Hmmmm... Thats not twilight zone thats you not dialing correctly by the sound of it..did they all have the same accent?
I feel let down. I thought something really spooky like one of the ghosts from the hotel had come to visit...

Ben said...

ITs the same man!!! every time!!! No matter what time!!!! How is that not weird? ?? ?

mum said...

are you sure you didnt eat the vodka watermelon?