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Thursday, July 3, 2008


So I am bored at my desk. I could go home now as it is the end of the day, but it's now rush hour so waiting here in the office is worth it to have a little more space when I journey home on the train.

As mentioned, I am bored and not sure what to write. So prepare for a ramble.

The vodka watermelon (aka Nikki) may have now gone too far. It has been in my fridge for just under 3 weeks (I think) and I'm now worried that it may kill whoever eats it. I can't decide if it is worth the risk, it's not the vodka but more the life span of a watermelon in a fridge that I am questioning. I have decided to let the 2 regular readers of my blog decide, click on the top right hand corner of the blog and let me know if the watermelon should be consumed this weekend.

Above is a view from my flat last Sunday

I am now going to droop to a whole new level of boredom and report on the news in Hong Kong.

The recent Hong Kong protest turned out to be a little bit of a letdown apparently. Less than expected turned up because people apparently are happier with the way things are being run in Hong Kong now. The organizers say 40,000 but the police say 13,000 took part.

And that is your news for the day.

Above is a picture of a market stall where i purchased breakfast from on Sunday



robynandben said...

Oooh 50 -50! dun dun duuurrrrrr!

mum said...

I presume youi mean me to be one of the regular viewers, so it is fairly obvious....Cut open the flippin thing and see what it looks like inside. The alcohol would have prob killed anything that might be nasty,but you will know as soon as said Nicola is bared to all!! Enjoy xx

Bensdadsoot said...

annnnddd dont forget that they were supposed to have returned Nelson following his demise at Trafalgar in a cask of brandy,,, and he travelled OK, so Melon aka Nicky full of vodka and chilled should be fine. Not sure though what the sailing time was from Trafalgar to Portsmouth,,, anyone know if they drank the brandy?

samanddave said...

Did the watermelon fight back?