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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Things going through my mind today are as follows

---My Future and My Options---
Option 1: Leave the organization slightly under one year from now
Option 2: Leave Hong Kong slightly under one year from now (plus the above)
Option 3: Stay in Hong Kong after current contract ends but find different job
Option 4: Sign two year contract with current organization and....
a) Save money in year one
b) Apply to Universities in Hong Kong to begin a part time masters degree or higher qualification in year 2

Option 5: Throw it all in and backpack round Australia then find a serious job there eventually
Option 6: Join the circus

Why is the building that uses the most electricity in Hong Kong the Hong Kong electric building?
Should I get rid of my cleaner because I don't think she is doing 2 hours worth of cleaning a week?
If I continue to accept free food from my old Chinese neighbours should I cook them something in return? Or are they just giving me leftovers?



Mooon Piiiiiigggggggggg! said...

I think you should stay as long as you're happy/challenged... and yes sack you're cleaner and keep eating food your neighbours give you! x

mum said...

1. all cleaners need a kick up the backside now and then, so do not be too hasty in getting rid of her.
2.Do not come home to uk with the problems here at the moment anything else you choose is up to you....
3. Definately keep eating the neighbours food but bring in a takeaway for them when you reciprocate.
4. Do not feed them teh vodkamelon. x

Laz said...
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Laz said...

I wouldn't come here and backpack around Australia.... you might get eaten by a dingo, attacked by a kangaroo or munched by a crocodile...

Even worse, you'll get stuck talking to people with a strange Aussie accent.... like me! =P

Bensdadsoot said...

You stay there, if you come home you will want your bedroom back, it makes a fab office