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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Another weekend ends

Things I have done this weekend

1) Walked past a film set just round the corner from my flat
2) Went to the beach with friends.

The waves were oddly large. Some easily matching the waves I used to get in Cornwall as a kid.
We spent most of the day body surfing and having them propel us onto the beach. One wave in particular though was a bit too strong. It tossed me about a little before flipping me around underwater. As it pushed me further and further towards shallow water it flipped me round one last time. By that point though I had lost my swimming shorts round my ankles and it was too shallow to flip me whilst remaining totally underwater. The result was an unintentional final flip/handstand which exposed me quite significantly to the beach going public.
I was thankful that no one I knew spotted the revealing moment, but I spotted some giggling girls.


bensmum said...

thats all right luv.... I've seen it all before!!!!

Rob's dad said...

Yeah, but not upside down in the sea I bet! Hi Ben haven't checked in for a while. I now know more about what you're doing than I do about Robyn! We're all fine. Sam starts a new job teaching after half-term. Apart from that nothing worth blogging about. Cheers