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Friday, October 12, 2007

How to deal with your landlord

My landlord is rubbish.

After 2 months of asking him to sort out 2 small but annoying issues with the flat I was starting to despair. He would not return my calls, reply to my text messages or make contact through my property agent.

So I decided upon a new strategy.
It's 12 days into the month and I have still not paid him last months rent.

My strategy 'paid off' today and he phoned me to enquire as to where the rent was. We quickly came to an agreement that he was a below average landlord and should not expect me to be an above average tenant.

My problems have since been fixed and money has been paid to my dick of a landlord.


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Anonymous said...

hey ben
been trying to call you - am arriving this friday - still alright to put me up?