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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Halfway through the week and I am about ready to drop!

I can't believe how much my job has changed in the last few months. My average working day in recent weeks has seen me arriving stupidly early and leaving stupidly late. Hopefully once I get all the recruitment stuff sorted though that will change. I'm not complaining that much, I quite enjoy trying to work out how the hell to let zombie students know about this tiny organization that has put me in Hong Kong. I opened up ideas from the new graduates about how to attract students to apply. Interesting ideas so far have been printing messeges on beer matts and creating a company song. We will not be going with those, but other folks are spreading the word on campus radio stations and student newspapers so that's good.

Today I had to decide what to do about my MPF. If you are wondering what MPF means then so was I up till a week ago. Turns out that once you have worked for 13 months in an organization in Hong Kong you have to start a government enforced scheme called the Mandatory Pension Fund. It pretty much is exactly as it sounds, I get docked monthly 70 quid of my wages and the company puts in an equal amount as well. All pretty boring stuff till I got to choose different investment schemes! Basically there are multiple options that you can choose to invest your MPF in.

I chose to invest in Mainland China.

It's classed as 'High Risk' but I have done my reasearch and people who invested in the scheme a year ago have seen their MPF packages double in the year. I asked some banker friends of mine and they all are on similar schemes themselves. So now that I am investing in the place I have decided to take more interest in what's going on across the border.
And here is a random picture of some of the gang I took today.


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