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Monday, October 8, 2007

Insane employee creations

This year we have recruited some particularly mad employees. Which is a good thing because you have to be a bit insane to do the job anyway.

One girl who I recruited from Swansea is a keen amature video creator. She sent me a link to view a video she made for Chatteris but at the same time left all her other work wide open for me to see. One video in particular made me cry with laughter, not sure if it because I know her or just because it's a crazy video but take a look at it by clicking (here)

You need to have the sound on to be able to appreciate it fully. She is the girl who is laying down in the grass and sitting up every now and again. Either way it is a good indication of the general undercurrent of madness that the people this year seem to have.


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