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Monday, October 1, 2007

The things I have done

Last weekend was action packed full of fun events. Now it is Tuesday and the funnest event I have done so far is decide whether to have chicken or beef for lunch.

How the mighty fall.

I also went totally picture crazy for the entire weekend. My main reason for this is that I have just written the organizations annual report. This report is sent to the trustees and the governmnet (a total of about 10 bloody people) and I found it a real struggle coming up with pictures for the photo album section. This was mainly because all the pictures I have involve drunken looking folk, but next year it will be different!

But not that different as these first pictures of a friends engagement party demonstrate.

Bet you can't guess who in this picture is engaged...

We then went to an increasingly regular local bar/club called 'The Cavern' where they have a really good resident band. Jordan is the lead singer on the right with Nikki, his number 1 fan on the left.

I think the band is starting to despair of our organization though as there is rarely a second that goes by without one of us jumping on stage and dancing. I took the above picture of Rosie, who may not have been 100% aware that she was even in Hong Kong at this point.

and here are some random group shots.

So that is the end of the engagement party photos and now we move on to last nights fireworks boat trip!

The fireworks were pretty amazing but it was hard to take a good photo of them. This was the best that I could get.

When we first boarded the boat we thought that we had made a big mistake. The sea was stupidly rough and quite a few of us get easily seasick. Luckily though we spent most of the time in a calm protected bay which meant we could actually stand up, chat and take a group photo.

Although some of us got bored and decided to act out famous scenes from movies (can you guess the film???)

Boredom also led to this picture. Did we fall? did we survive? It's a bit of a cliffhanger...

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mum said...

love the firework pic Ben,.... you lot are obviously having a ball!!!