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Sunday, October 14, 2007

High rise tradition

If you are a regular reader of this inane little blog you will recall my mystery about the giant glass candle cases on the roof of the building opposite. Well yesterday I spotted a little old lady actually setting them up! I am now more convinced that they are connected somehow to Chinese religion but still investigating further.

On the 13th floor of a different building I spotted a little outside 'temple box'. These things are pretty common but it made me amused to see a little one so high up! Complete with an orange as an offering to the spirits.

And yes, I suppose that taking discreet shots of people and their homes from my window could well lead to a restraining order. Will try to ensure that this does not get out of control.


Anonymous said...

they must have been full of high spirits.

Anonymous said...

hey ben
been trying to call you - am arriving this friday - still alright to put me up?

Bensdadsoot said...

Can you identify the high rise tradition of glass cases by asking Grace or SK.Thus putting our minds at rest as to what it might be.