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Thursday, December 6, 2007

False Representation

I nearly spat my green tea from my nose when I opened up HK magazine to see this advert

Before I start ranting, let us look at the main picture in more detail.

People who know what Dusk Till Dawn is like will understand why tea nearly came out of my nose. I will do my best to explain.

Dusk Till Dawn is quite simply the finest example of the underbelly of Wan Chai that ever existed.

It is packed with overly agressive bar staff who will grab you by the elbows and frog march you to the bar should you not have a drink in hand. (Even if a friend is at the bar getting you one)
It has bouncers that are far more agressive than the customers ever get.
It is packed full of prostitutes.
It quite often stinks of deep fried chips.
Last time I was there I was punched for no reason in the kidneys.
It is always overcrowded and violent on a weekend evening

I admit that all this is part of the attraction and character of Dusk Till Dawn. Problem I have is that the image they use to represent the place belongs in some sort of alternate universe.

Where is the blood and vomit I ask you!


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han said...

Oh my god... please tell me nikki hasn't seen this flyer?! x