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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sounds of Wan Chai

Workers were erecting scaffolding on the roof of my building so I decided I should close my windows yesterday.

This decision was not based on privacy. To be honest I think my neighbours probably wish I would display a little more attention to privacy through correct curtain control.

I closed my windows because shards of bamboo (from the workmen) kept on hitting my windows and bouncing into my flat. I also closed them because I think a suspect liquid was dropped from above and made my washing hanging outside require a second wash. I could just leave 'suspect liquid' to your imaginations, but I will go right ahead and say that I think it was pee.

So I closed my windows and went out for the evening to Lang Kwai Fong. (Parents will be pleased to know that I have given my liver a substanial rest for the last month and I only was drinking local beer the entire night.)
Despite this I still rolled back home reasonably sozzled and collapsed into bed at 3am.

But I could not sleep.

I wanted to sleep, but could not do it. The room was not spinning, I did not have any need to visit the toilet on my knees, so why could I not sleep?
Well the reason at the time did not come as quickly to me as it probably has to you. I could not sleep because my room was silent thanks to fantastic double glazing of my closed windows. Even the next door parrot was behaving itself.

For the past 5 months I have always slept with my windows open and the sounds of Wan Chai in my room. Trams hooting, pedestrian crossings beeping and fish sellers wailing, it seems I can no longer sleep well in quiet surroundings.

Not content to just write about it. I decided to take a video!

The quality is not great, but it is the sounds that I want you to listen to. Hear that woman who sounds like she has something to say with a megaphone?

Well not only did I hear her, I hunted the annoying cow down and took pictures.

I dont know if it is possible to convey "I'm going to take these pictures and take them to the local council to complain about noise hooliganism" in one facial expression and angry weilding of a camera. But I gave it a try anyway.



Han said...

Oh my god! I think I'd have killed that woman! What do you think she was saying?? x

robynandben said...

I can't believe you hang your washing outside...

Ben said...

Robyn: Yes I hang my washing outside!!! Now I have a washing machine in the flat It has become common practice.

Hannah: the woman was saying "Vote for Anson Chan" for the Hong Kong elections I have since discovered.

Ben said...

One more thing,

Parents, the process has not changed drastically to leave comments, you can still leave comments, you just need to click the 'nickname' section at the bottom and write your nickname and your comment. Only difference is that you need to do the word verification.

What has happened is just that the website has moved things around a bit I think.


bensmum said...

Can we help it if we get a little confused?
And I think the woman with the megaphone was shouting "get your flat tidied, your mothers coming"Ben. xxxx

Ben said...

My flat is always tidy.

bensmum said...

who said that?

JACKY said...

same here, after so many yrs of life in Macau, I cannot sleep properly in the UK, i have sleeping problems since i arrived UK.

the elections is really hot topics, do u believe it, regina one of the candidates is in my facebook..and she rpely to my message.