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Monday, December 17, 2007

Sick :(

I know I said I was going to be busy for quite a while with work, and that meant the blog may not be updated as often, but something has happened to free up some time.

Tonsillitis to be precise.

It hurst to move, it hurts to swallow and I am considering sterilising some scissors and trying to remove my tonsills myself. I am also so dosed up on painkillers/allergy pills/Chinese herbal medicie/Chinese healing Ginseng tea/strepsils/listerine/vitamin C/salt water gargle products that I think I may well soon become an interesting scientific case study.
So as I sit here in bed feeling sorry for myself / possibly high on over the counter drugs I thought I would share some pictures I have taken around Hong Kong.
I have been horseracing

With this motley crew

I have been playing with the editing software on my camera this morning

And discovered some cool new tricks

In my drugged up state i'm not sure if I have shared this picture with you before. Either way, look carefully at this classic Hong Kong seafood dining image.

And spot the health hazard.
I hope they are not fattening it up for lunch tomorrow...


bensmumlynn said...

after finding what I did in a meal last time we were there I wouldnt be at all surprised if you havent eaten part of one already Ben Go get some antibiotics if the throat doesnt improve Ben. I was indexing deaths from the 1800,s at work the other day and you would be amazed how many people died of tonsilitus in that period!!!

Ben said...

I wish I had a normal family, Honestly, indexing deaths?!

bensmumlynn said...

its very interesting actually.... One coroner on cause of death had put "he (the deceased) had a conversation with God who decided to keep him"!!! how about that then... x