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Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Celebrations

For some reason I started drinking just after 6pm, which explains a great deal about the rest of the evening.

My plans changed multiple times concerning celebration plans. Initially I was going to a big private beach party, with DJ, heaters and bouncers (how do bouncers cope without doors on the beach?)

However, then the party was cancelled for reasons still unknown (perhaps the lack of doors?) So, the friends who were going to the beach then were going to come to mine, have some drinks and head out.

This then changed because some people could not get to my place in time. So it looked like we were going to head out and just meet in town then mill around with the other million strong crowds, preparing to watch the fireworks display.

Just before getting ready though I got a phone call from a really good friend who was having a house party. I could also invite as many friends as I wanted.

This made my day because

1) The flat is huge and the drink is always plenty
2) This view from the flat

It was perfectly positioned for the fireworks, so suddenly I found my plans sorted!

This is some of the crew from the party.

Some people did not quite get to leave the party and hit the clubs though. Drinking games have that result...

The night is very very hazy for most of the evening, some memories are.

  • Finding myself in an African bar and dancing to Bob Marley...
  • Being in a lift with someone who had issues with keeping food in stomach

  • Walking home from Central to Wan Chai

  • Purchasing a kebab

  • Walking through my doors and slipping on a beer bottle

  • Kebab halfway through being eaten landing all over self

  • Befriending a totally random woman in the picture below for at least 2 hours

Not getting into bed till the sun was starting to rise...

All in all, a fantastic New Years!



Larry said...

Sounds like you had more fun with your kebab than me. Mine just got half eaten and thrown into the bin as it was making me sick! LOL!

cat said...

u sent me like 5 same messsages lol
the contents i will not disclose here

Ben said...

Larry: How can the kebab make you sick! It was a gift from god you big drunk!

Cat: Sorry about multiple messages! I think it was because everyone was texting at the same time at midnight so I kept getting error messages and resending!