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Monday, March 24, 2008


Caused a scene at the supermarket this afternoon after going to buy frozen chicken, not the most exciting thing to write about I have to admit.

It started because the chicken was not frozen at the top of the chest freezer, it was soggy and unfrozen. I dived into the bottom of the freezer for less soggy chicken and the soggy defrosted stuff fell into the hole i created, sure to freeze up again. It was at this point i recalled the never ending health and safety food upringing kicked in from growing up in a hotel. Eating such food can be pretty damaging to your health.

So I did that arsey thing and asked to speak to a supervisor or manager. They displayed shock at the state of their chicken and promised to sort it out right away. However, walking away I suddenly spotted that their way of sorting it out was to put the soggy stuff back to the bottom of the freezer.

Three minutes later I must have come across to anyone walking past as the most frustrated white man regarding frozen chicken they have ever seen. Which I probably was.
(Random pictures taken on my way to the goldfish market)


Anonymous said...

hi ben. we are sittin here in hamburg with peter and brigitte looking at your comments. you know never to buy frozen chicken in hong kong again.....
luv u lots mum and dad xx

Ben said...

i wondered what you were doing in Hamburg, say hi to them from me xx